Monday, May 12, 2008

IPL- a new bonaza for viewer

IPl make a new history of Indian cricket as well as cricket history. Every team here fighting for win. I think Shane warne is only successful caption and coach till now. He handle's dark horse of Rajasthan Royals very nicely.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First case to save eskimo community

Alaska's tiny village Kivalina sued two dozen oil companies. It is fight for living against the global warming and save the community. This community have less than 400 people. The village built on 8 mile of reef between the Chukchi Sea and Kivalina River.

Sea ice provide them protection from storm. They lived on fishing,hunting whale, seal, walrus and caribou. The later substances formed due to ice which melt now very soon since rising in temperature.

According to City Administrator Janet Mitchel: they are seeing faster erosion due to loss of sea ice . They are facing open even in December earlier they see ice in October.

I think, it is first step to save the community which may loose there history and culture. There is talking to migrate them is feasible to spend 400 $ million. Now people can understand how close we are in Global warming effects.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Respect your work

Last weekend, I fell sick. It is high fever. I am not able to find cause of this sickness. Since the fever didn’t break-even taking high dose of medicine that I regularly uses. Is it happening due to my body do not accepting anymore this medicine? Is it happen since my body’s immune system becoming weaker?

I have learned a lot from this incident. You didn’t know, which situation teaches, so keep your eyes and ears open. There is very interesting topic about fighting spirit of person. How are your decisions good or bad, results show them?

In my opinion situation are more important when you take decision. The person who take care his time and importance of work, always succeeds.

Therefore as said by wise person “Always respect your time and work”. As my friend doing this right now. I wish him Good Luck.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happiness and Desire

I always realize why people are not happy even they are achieved greater as compare other person. In my opinion happiness did come in many cases from what you achieved. You will be happy when your desire fulfilled. It's human nature one desire fulfill and other arises. A person who succeeds to enjoy this time, fill the gap between desire and happiness.

When you expect something from your work, your friend, your personal relationship, at later time, it becomes desire. Some times this desire do not committed and result: unhappiness.

There is one key phrase given by Krishna “Do your work, but don't expect result”. Always do your best work without expecting result from that work. How could any didn't expect anything from their work? No one can do this: another word Impossible to do this in today's world.

There one more key phrase “Without work, you will get nothing, so do work for keep going”. If you do work then you will expect. Expect the positive result but don't take it close to your heart. If didn't meet you will more frustrated and result unhappiness.

Always try to do work without any desire. Always fill yourself from inside not by material thing. These things gives you happiness for some times but create a void in you which difficult to fill.